Donna Wheatley - President
Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Melbourne

Donna Wheatley is a Senior Station Officer with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) in Melbourne. With a professional background in Gestalt Psychotherapy, she was working in family counselling and advocacy roles before she joined the operational ranks of the MFB in 2003 and was successfully promoted to Senior Station Officer in 2014. A vivid and exuberant career has been busy with many opportunities including a strong presence as a Peer, and Critical Incidence Stress Co-ordinator and at times steering committee member of the Peer program within the MFB Employee Support Program (ESP). A passionate involvement with the Juvenile Fire Awareness and Intervention Program (JFAIP) for 11 years, with the opportunity to develop and deliver training as well as occasionally filling the state co-ordinator role, has always been rewarding. The opportunity to mentor both within the brigade and in the community has been abundant and gratifying over the years of working with MFB. Having started out in the 90s employed in the corporate arena of MFB, the increased exposure to various facets of the organisation has created ongoing opportunity to work within various departmental areas as an Officer, including the Office of the CEO, Strategy and Innovation and Emergency Management. Beginning tertiary education with a Bachelor degree, the thirst for learning has never been quenched, and various post graduate qualifications have ensued; the most recent being the Executive Leadership Program (Post Grad Dip) at The Australian Institute of Police Management. The highlight of formal learning was completing the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) with Leadership Victoria in 2015.

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WAFA Mentoring

Posted on 26 June 2018
WAFA Mentoring Program  The WAFA online mentoring program is here! If you're a financial member of WAFA and you're interested in participating as either a mentor or a mentee, then download an application form WAFA Mentoring Program. If you have any questions regarding the program check out our WAFA Mentoring FAQ page. For further enquiries please email:
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