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Metropolitan Fire Brigade



Executive Summary

For more than a decade, I have been directly involved in initiatives and innovation relating to shaping a more equitable and fairer workplace and society in my capacity as an MFB Fire-fighter. This advocacy and agency has also been a driver in my personal life and I feel that the combination of professional acumen and personal passion and enthusiasm has established me as a leader in equity and inclusion practice in the Emergency Management Sector. The goal or purpose of my activity has been and still remains, the elimination of gender based violence through gender equity. The objective, by which I hope to sustain my goal's journey, is through the continuation of valued partnerships both within and outside the emergency management sector.    
Below is a summary of work undertaken by me utilising the networks and partnerships I have established in my current role, relating to gender equity and inclusion in accordance with MFB's vision of 'safer more resilient communities'.

I am currently employed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) as the Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO) in Central District.
The role of the MLO includes the provision of advice and assistance on the implementation and monitoring of policies and procedures for diverse communities. Diverse communities include multicultural, linguistic, Aboriginal, the aged, people with disabilities and women's groups, within the Metropolitan District.
The MLO manages the development and implementation of diversity related projects and training opportunities within the MFB. The MLO provides advice, information and feedback to Operational Command on identified and emerging risks within diverse communities and manage and coordinate the delivery of community resilience strategies in accordance with the MFB's business plans.
Most importantly, the MLO develops and maintain links, partnerships and networks with appropriate external bodies and authorities. These partnerships must include, but are not limited to non-Government, social service and the not for profit sector service providers.
The success of the MLO program since its inception in 2007 is illustrative by the fact that Melbourne's CALD and newly arrived community members are safer now than they were prior to MFB engagement, and there is nothing to suggest that this will not continue into the future with concerted prevention and preparedness activities.
My activities in raising awareness of gendered violence have a direct correlation with MFB's work in the mitigation of the risk of injury and death as a result of fire in our most vulnerable communities, where 'prevention' is the key.


Resume: Stephen O'Malley AFSM
Activity summary and current positions held
Family Violence and Equal Opportunity Workplace Contact Officer with the MFB
2014 Chief Officer's Scholarship, investigating, evaluating, researching and reporting on violence against women prevention strategies in Fire, Police and Ambulance services throughout the UK.

Gender and Disaster Taskforce established by Emergency Management Victoria
Established by the Emergency Management Commissioner to bring a gender focus to disaster policy, planning, training and practice, in order to improve the support that men and women receive before and after disasters, mitigate risks to men's and women's health and wellbeing post-disaster, and build awareness of the need for attention for gender in disaster planning and community recovery.
What About the Men? Men's Advisory group established. This network was established to continue the conversation directly relating to the research post Black Saturday
White Ribbon Foundation
Advisor, National White Ribbon Australia Ambassador Reference Group
Emergency services representative on stakeholder consultation for Victorian White Ribbon Ambassador e-learning Project to further the Ambassadors understanding of the causes, types, prevalence and impact of men's violence against women.
MFB representation on the National White Ribbon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 'family violence' reference group
MFB representation on the National White Ribbon Culturally and Linguistically Diverse 'family violence' reference group

Women and Fire-fighting Australasia
Board Member of Women and Firefighting Australasia (WAFA), 2013 - 2017
Life Member of Women and Firefighting Australasia, 2016
Emergency Management Conference (EMC)
Diversity Stream coordination, 20010 2017
Claire Zara Memorial Oration coordination, 2015 - 2017
Vic Health
Acknowledged as a member of the Vic Health working party to develop and facilitate a 2 day short course to Prevent Violence Against Women (PVAW)

AFAC Diversity Working Group
Diversity and Inclusion 'discussion paper'

Royal Commission into Family Violence Community Consultation
Representation at the community consultation held in the City of Melbourne.
Request for MFB representation at 'round table' discussion into Emergency Service response to family violence to hear MFB perspective on the issue of Violence Against Women as part of this historic and unique occurrence.
Statement to RCVF by LFF Steve O'Malley AFSM
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Diversity and Inclusion Symposium, October 2017
Presentation on 'Gender and Emergency Management
Addressing Family Violence in Emergencies Project Tasmania, November 2018 and Tasmania Fire Service Emergency Management Conference 2017
Training in Tasmania to Fire, Police, SES and Ambulance front line responders for the Gad Pod with Women's Health in the North on behalf of Women's Health Tasmania 
Department of Premier and Cabinet LGBTI Project advisory group
Identifying the experiences and needs of LGBTI communities before, during and after emergencies in Victoria
Diversity in Disaster conference, April 2018
Organising committee
DHS Office of Women's Policy
Emergency services representative on prototype DHS Common Risk Assessment Framework CRAF e-learning module on 'family violence risk identification' training
Journals and Articles
Asia Pacific Fire magazine article in capacity as WAFA Board member.
Australian Journal of Emergency Management  - "Victoria's gender and disaster taskforce a retrospective analysis" (to be published)
The White Ribbon Campaign and Emergency Management Australian Institute of Emergency Services journal (to be published)

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